Pet Sitting Costs

Costs for pet sitting and pet boarding are the same.


£210 per week (£30.00 per day for dogs) for one house/pet, additional pets are charged for as follows: an extra dog, £105.00 per week (£15.00 per day) an extra cat is £25.00 per week.


Please note that price increases are necessary from April 2017, in 10 years this is only the second time an increase has been applied.


Food/treats for the pets are supplied by their owners.  If home boarding then pets must be dropped off and collected by owners unless otherwise arranged, additional costs may be incurred.


Prior to leaving a pet with a co-worker you and your pet will meet the worker in their home letting your pet familiarise themselves with the environment. In this way it is less stressful when the pet is placed there. To fulfill license requirements it is necessary to provide proof of up-to-date inocculations so it is requested that all dogs being boarded have a photocopy of their vacination card which will be kept as a record along with their microchip number. These regulations don't apply if you are having your pet looked after in its own home.


If I am living in I supply my own food and look after your home as I would my own.


On behalf of my co-workers and myself we would like to say many thanks for the repeated business and we look forward to seeing you all again in the near future.


Costs for microchipping is £15.00 per pet, this has a discount if I'm at your home grooming.  Litter registration is discounted if the litter is over 5 pups/kittens.